Background Basics


The story will begin in the country of Taldor. Follow this link to find some basic information about Taldor. I also recommend reading the world guide entries and the companion book if you can find it. In brief

Knights, fair maidens, heroic adventures, and righteous quests—these are the legends of old Taldor (pronounced TAL-door).1 But the once-powerful empire has fallen from its former glory. Now rival nobles battle each other with bitter knights and proxy armies for personal power rather than honor. A smoldering truce with Qadira again threatens to ignite into war, and Taldor’s daughter states look down upon her with contempt. Yet there is still greatness in Taldor; a stone foundation under the flaking gold adornments. Sons and daughters of forgotten royal bloodlines hear change on the wind—but is it the whisper of greatness to come, or the death rattle of an empire long past its prime? —PathfinderWiki


Nestled next to the Border Wood forest, the small township of Heldren is typical of Southern Taldor:.

Like in Most pleasant communities in Southern Taldor, the people of Heldren mostly keep to themselves. Far from the politics of Oppara and ever-watchful for Qadiran aggression, Heldren goes on as it always has, as a relatively small and unimportan hamlet of famers, and woodcutters. -The Snows of Summer

As we talked about earlier, it is important that your characters not be crippled in the territories of the North, particularly in Irrisen. However the story doesn’t begin there, and won’t take place entirely in Irrisen, or even the North. Having a strong connection to Irrisen in your background can be helpful as it will make some of the things to come more personal. This is not necessary however. What is important is that your character be a capable traveler of some sort or another. As the story starts pretty far from Irrisen, everyone should take a bit of time and come up with a reason for being in the town of Heldren. It could be as simple as taking an extended stay over on the way to exotic Qadira, or perhaps you even have a distant relative that lives there. It is definitely a good place to disappear in if that is something your background might necessitate.

Character Creation Basics

Go ahead and make your characters at home. I hope that we can spend the first hour of the first game session hammering out any remaining details and then get started. Make your rolls yourself, I trust you not to engage in any shenanigans with your stats.



Roll 2D6+6 six times and arrange them how you see fit. If your attributes are really terrible (as in the total bonus for all attributes is less than +3) then you can roll a new set.

Hit Points

As normal you can start with max hp for your class.


Use the standard roll for you class as outlined in either the Core Rulebook or whatever supplement you pulled your class from. You can roll this on your own. You can buy any of the nonmagical equipment in the core rulebook. Most stuff in the supplements is fine also, but if it seems like a strange item it wouldn’t hurt to ask me about it. I once had a player walking around with a battering ram for several adventures until he pulled it out the first time and I told him that was not acceptable. The moral of that is not everybody sees the same things as being strange, so if in doubt, just ask, and know that we might have to make a change if I spot something odd.


Ok, this is a tough one for me. I really hate the pathfinder alignment system. If I could get away with ditching it I would. Unfortunately there is a lot of rules related stuff that makes that almost an impossibility. That said, I think there are a few situations that really make things rotten. Mixing good and evil characters is generally a mess. It is a mess I usually produces a low good roleplaying to heartache ratio among players, regardless of the experience and “maturity” of the players. That said, I would really prefer everyone has characters in the good or neutral spectrum. The one exception to that is chaotic neutral. I have almost only ever seen CN played as CE just without the commitment to it. So skip that one as well. Having dropped all those restrictions on your heads, I should mention that I have a soft spot for stories of redemption and reluctant heroes. If you feel you would like to do either of those and it requires you to be evil in order to make good on it, talk to me about your ideas and we can run them by everybody else and make sure they are comfortable with things.


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